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Shinkai – The perfect design for off the beaten track yachting


Boat International discusses in this month’s edition what makes the Ultimate Explorer Yacht. The feature includes an opinion from Philippe Briand who discusses the difference between yachts for the Mediterranean and those traveling in more varied conditions. Explorer Yachts are designed to go to the remotest places on earth. For Vitruvius, the design of an Explorer starts with its naval architecture and the organisation of the hidden storage of the big equipment, such as bigger tenders. The comfort, space, and luxury of a Lifestyle yacht can be combined with the long-range efficiency and rugged capabilities of an explorer.


Philippe Briand understands the needs of today’s owners who want to use their yachts to entertain as well as to venture to remote Pacific islands or even the polar regions. The owners of Explorer yachts emphasise the importance of world travel in their life. Shinkai was commissioned by a highly experienced and discerning owner, who had extensive plans for touring the globe. The travel plans include an audacious, high-latitude expedition north of Japan through the North-East Passage, which requires various specialist equipment for safe cruising through the ice.

Shinkai has all the hallmark world-cruising capabilities range – with its own modern, rugged profile. The yacht design included the largest gyroscope built to date, weighing 21 tonnes, as conventional stabiliser fins could be damaged by the passing pack ice. Shinkai also incorporated a submarine for underwater exploration, a rough terrain vehicle for off-road touring and a bespoke limousine tender for comfortable and protected trips ashore, in challenging conditions.

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