Vitruvius Yachts

We are committed to preserving our oceans and to reduce the footprint of the superyacht industry

Our Mission

To protect oceans
We are committed to preserving our oceans and reducing the footprint of the superyacht industry

To incorporate sustainability beyond design
To develop and collaborate with Shipyards who share our philosophy and ethos on sustainability. In order to reach the best possible solutions to manage the use of energy for propulsion.

To continue to research 
To consult with the best universities and organisations to share and learn from each other.

To recycle
To recycle and use recycled materials where possible.

To go plastic free
From the build through to production and finish, we do not see the need for plastics. We will aim for plastic free wherever possible.

To reduce fuel reduction
To create the most efficient and balanced yacht possible, consuming less fuel and reducing the carbon footprint of the yacht.

Our Strength

Founding member of Water Revolution
Philippe Briand is one of the “founding fathers“ of Water Revolution Foundation and a member of the Board. Water Revolution aims to be the central platform facilitating the shift towards neutralisation of the ecological footprint of the yachting industry.

Knowledge of advanced technologies
Briand uses his experience and understanding of advanced hydrodynamics and production engineering to integrate new technologies into his innovative designs.

30% reduction in consumption
We had the first ever Green award 10 years ago. We had already developed a methodology to draw hulls that reduce consumption by 20%. We are now aiming for a consistent 30%.



Our Promise

To incorporate eco design in the Vitruvius DNA
Our clients will have the Briand Optimized Hull, which results in a high-performance vessel that offers maximum efficiency and stability with an outstanding cruising range

To set an example with our design
We will be committed to creating the most state-of-the-art superyachts for our clients, which will have a minimal impact on the sea and environment

To use renewable energy
All of our projects will feature renewable energy-related elements

We believe in change

“I believe in the power of creativity to change the world. This is the strength of the architect and designer together. The new taskforce empowers us with the challenge of demonstrating directions towards sustainability.”

philippe briand