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The scientific style Expedition Yacht is the most rugged of the designs, and their form expresses their function.

The Expedition yacht designs are driven by the equipment they carry. They can carry open sea tenders or submarines and off-road vehicles and amphibian cars on deck, which makes the major difference of the Explorer, where smaller equipment is stored below deck. Expedition yachts are built to ice class, so they can travel to the polar regions in safety and comfort. Carrying state of the art equipment and specialised machinery, they are constructed with tough ocean-going materials and offer an exceptional cruising range to allow for long voyages.

Due to their oversized fuel and water tanks, they feature impressive cold and dry storage capacity. The Expedition yachts remain Superyachts with the comfort that comes with that, outdoors and indoors, and they are also packed with special features for guests to enjoy such as gyms, saunas, spas, and cinemas.

I believe it is not a stretch to suggest that clients who in the past would have bought sailing yachts are now transferring their interest to more of an explorer-or expedition-type yacht, because, just like a sailing yachts, they are ideal for longer journeys, and they can bring you closer to nature.

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Vitruvius 50m
This is one of the most versatile yachts Philippe Briand has designed. It could be regarded as a “swiss army knife “ as it can serve every owner’s use of the yacht.

This Expedition 50m yacht is a showcase for singular utilitarian focus and offers an extreme degree of personalisation. The lines are easy to read, straightforward and minimalistic.

The design provides the long open aft deck of an “Expedition” vessel. As the superstructure is designed forward, this aft deck can support two exceptionally large tenders up to 12m in length.

As a further option, the aft deck may be used as a touch and go helipad and it can be converted into a big social area.

All day life is on the main deck and bridge deck, with a lot of glass walls, while the 4 large guest and owner cabins are set in the hull – the best situation at night at sea.


All the hallmarks of a worldcruising vessel – with its own modern, rugged profile.

The steel-hulled, ice-class Expedition yacht, has been commissioned by a highly experienced and discerning owner, who has extensive plans for touring the globe. These include an audacious, high-latitude expedition north of Japan through the North-East Passage, which requires various specialist equipment for safe cruising through the ice.

The yacht is equipped with the largest gyroscope built to date, weighing 21 tonnes, as conventional stabiliser fins would be damaged by the passing pack ice. To enjoy adventures without limits, the yacht is kitted out with a submarine for underwater exploration, a rough terrain vehicle for off-road touring and a bespoke limousine tender for comfortable and protected trips ashore, even in the most challenging of conditions.

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The profile of clients buying explorer and expedition yachts is evolving, which is thrilling as a designer. We can offer a modern luxury yachting solution that is not at odds with the values of a newly emerging generation of owners.

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