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Creating the perfect motor yacht is a combination of science, the rigours of naval architecture, and art

When Philippe and Veerle realised that owners were wanting and needing a different type of motor yacht they decided to respond by creating a perfectly personalised and beautiful new concept. Briand used his experience and understanding of advanced hydrodynamics and production engineering to integrate new technologies into his innovative designs.

He believes that creating the perfect motor yacht is a combination of science, the rigours of naval architecture, and art.

The Vitruvius team bring a fresh honed take on naval architecture, through the proprietary Briand Optimized Hull, plumb bow and stretched lines that are given to all Vitruvius Yachts. This results in a high-performance vessel that offers maximum efficiency and stability with outstanding cruising range. Briand’s minimalistic style is born out of a desire to make the hull shape as efficient as possible.

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I am fighting against the traditional shape. I always keep the waterline as long as possible. The longer it is the less it is going to consume, the hull slices through the water with much less resistance and drag. I believe that further regulation on design is inevitable so a more efficient hull could also greatly increase refit value.

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The team design each Vitruvius yacht to be as streamlined as possible, built around the balanced interior spaces as specified by the owner to suit their own particular lifestyle. A Vitruvius yacht offers a timeless, elegant place to live, voyage and luxuriate in exactly the manner each owner chooses.

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Vitruvius Yachts focus only on creating customised yachts. The yachts are efficient, robust – and remarkable.

Each project is an individual milestone, balancing tradition and innovation and always responding to the owner’s wishes. Philippe Briand and his team start with the owner’s brief and everyone works together on the detail. The team bring to life all the owner’s ideas on the interior layouts and life on board.

How the owners use the yacht, what equipment to carry, where the yacht can travel – that is all an individual choice. Once the lifestyle demands are chosen by the owner the team can start to identify the volumes the yacht requires and present the owner with a first concept.

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The Vitruvius team then start the naval architecture process for this bespoke yacht. A yacht needs the perfect ratios to create comfort at sea and at mooring. Only with meticulous bespoke architecture and more specifically the appropriate hull can this be achieved. A yacht needs to be stable and at the same time cut through the waves. This is where Philippe Briand’s award-winning expertise, with the Briand Optimized Hull, is crucial. Briand is also driven by his passion to create the most efficient and balanced yacht possible, thereby consuming less fuel and reducing the carbon footprint of the yacht.

As the sustainable yacht design evolves the team test and retest the hull shapes to ensure they are perfect. Every single detail counts and for about 2 years there is constant surveillance of the impact of even the smallest aspect. The team work on the design details and liaise with the owner until they are totally satisfied. Streamlined and elegant both inside and out, the owner receives a yacht design which is a materialisation of their dreams.

Najiba sustainable yacht design

Vitruvius Yachts launched Najiba in January 2019. Decades of experience with sailing yacht designs to optimise the hull lines, proportions and weight of the boat were used to create the sustainable yacht design.

Vitruvius Yachts were committed to translating their design philosophy to create the most efficient possible motoryacht design. The owners of Najiba understood very well that a perfect yacht requires a strong scientific and architectural approach to support the exterior design.

After discussion with the owners, the space planning was established as the first priority. You could regard her as the perfect villa on the sea.


Green is not just linked to ecology. Green is the ultimate luxury, and gives you the ability to control your destiny on the water. Superyacht owners do not want big polluting yachts. My goal is to design motoryachts that are 30 per cent more efficient than normal, and I don’t think that’s a ridiculous figure to strive for.

Philippe Briand
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