Vitruvius Yachts

Flagship - A vessel for the people

Built out of recycled aluminum The vessel was designed to be ‘fit for a king’. A timeless design, embodying the spirit of the UK. A design that keeps sustainability at the forefront of its approach, built from aluminum and propulsed by biofuels, hydrogen and wind.

The first vessel of its kind showcased the UK design, Craftsmanship and Engineering at its very best. The volume and weight of the vessel are designed to be an absolute minimum, still achieving an optimum balance of capability over volume. The length at the waterline, 125m, is the same as the length of the Flagship, due to the vertical bow. The bow and lightweight aluminum material used for the build contribute to the efficiency through the water.

Designed for humanitarian aid and support

The hull design used the Vitruvius DNA, synonymous with the Vitruvius fleet. Distinguished and elegant standing out in both design and functionality. All design contributors were keen to capture the essence of UK heritage and embrace a forward-thinking and innovative approach to the design of the flagship with sustainability at the core. Ultimately, we designed a flagship “fit for a king”.


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