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Vitruvius Yachts – The Book


Vitruvius – Not Just a Name

Good design is all about perfect proportions and perfect balance. All forms of architecture could be said to begin with the mathematical rigours of geometry.

In about 20 BCE, the ancient Roman architect Marcus Vitruvius set out the rules in his Ten Books on Architecture. Vitruvius is responsible for all the geometry in today’s built environment. Later scientists and philosophers discovered these same ratios in the human body and Leonardo da Vinci made Vitruvius famous through his drawing of the perfect man. [illus] The Vitruvian “divine proportion” has been called the building block of all life and the hidden code in architecture.

The beauty of each Vitruvius yacht is derived from its optimal proportions, meticulous detail, perfect balance and efficiency, which makes the name so fitting.

The A3 book takes a detailed look at all the Vitruvian Yachts, the LifeStyle, the Explorers, the Expedition and the MegaYachts.



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