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Vitruvius 66m Yacht In Progress

66m Vitruvius Yacht in progress

The Vitruvius team has developed this 66 metre yacht as the bigger version of the 58m Najiba.

Her purity of lines and sleek transparency make this a stunning addition to the Vitruvius family. The scale-up at 66m with a generous beam of 12m, creates a very spacious interior space with an elegant luminosity as it glides along the water.

In this version designed by the Vitruvius teams, the aft of the yacht shelters a large beach club, open to the sea with a 6m wide transom door. Next to the beach club is a Spa area with a sauna. The owner’s cabin is 11m wide creating a spacious sanctuary.

The motorisation could be “diesel/ electric” and is designed using the best cutting-edge technology. Philippe Briand has designed one of his best hulls, which will be made of steel, to get this superyacht into the category of the most efficient and hence greener superyacht of the next decade.

It has been a fascinating and stimulating process designing this 66m yacht, as the owner is one of the most thorough and knowledgeable clients that I have had the pleasure to work with in my four decades as a yacht designer


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Vitruvius 66m yacht interior lounge

Interiors by FM ARCHITETTURA. Interior images featured here by FM ARCHITETTURA.

By meticulously recording every detail and preference for his perfect yacht over the course of two decades’ chartering, he has created a comprehensive design reference that includes an extensive photo archive. Alongside the guidance of his owner’s representative, we were provided with very detailed feedback and preferences, every line, every single volume of the yacht has been scrutinised. One would think this tiresome, but it was quite the opposite because the team feeded of the gentlemen’s input and experience and I think we are delivering a superior yacht, and it has been a thoroughly enjoyable project to work on together. The benefits will no doubt been seen in the final outcome of this special Vitruvius yacht when launched in two years’ time.

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