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Inspiration – Chateau La Coste

chateau la coste

The Chateau La Coste, where sculpture, artworks and architecture are all combined in a unique vineyard.

Spending time at the Chateau la Coste is special to me, the ease to connect to nature, art and architecture in sprawling vineyards. The tranquil settings and nature-blended architecture are the perfect backdrop to inspire ideas.

The jewel in the crown is the art centre at the Chateau la Coste. The work of Tadao Ando is fascinating. His minimalist designs, his ability to incorporate light and nature to create dramatic expressions, the light between the smooth concrete walls and pools of water is a work of genius.

chateau la coste

The essence of Minimalism is simplicity, but simplicity without depth is merely cheap. It is not enough

Tadao Ando
chateau la coste the chapel

Minimalist buildings, clean simple lines and the use of natural materials are an inspiration. Tadao Andos blends innovation with simplicity to create striking work.

Another favourite is Pritzker Prize winner, French architect Jean Nouvel wine cellars. The cellars are set in the grapevines at Chateau La Coste. They push the limits with their contrasting mirror effects, hugely complementing the landscape which surrounds it. When buildings are so elegantly incorporated into nature, with such clean lines it emphasises ‘less is more’, which is always my design ethos.

chateau la coste winecellars chateau la coste

I would like to thank Chateau La Coste for all the images in this article.

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