Vitruvius Yachts

55m Galileo

This 55m Motor Yacht design by Philippe Briand Ltd has been built according to Ice Class classifications, allowing this striking yacht to reach the Arctic along the Northwest Passage; a breathtaking journey connecting the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans via the Canadian Arctic Archipelago.

Her Owner, Designer and Architects developed the yacht with the ability to go anywhere, characterised in her ‘Winterisation’ design process; obligatory for navigating large distances and operating in geographical zones with very low temperatures. She is capable of up to 7,500 NM at 12 knots.

State-of-the-art navigation systems allow her to detect the best routes through build-ups of ice, analyse different ice formations and run internal heating systems to ensure her machinery is fully optimised in any environment. The yacht was built by Picchiotti , Perini Navi Group.