Vitruvius Yachts

English Version – A History of Yacht Design


Philippe Briand is a naval architect inspired and talented. Elegance, performance and harmony are associated with all the boats he designs, sailboats as well as large motor yachts.

The French sailors connaissentforcément Philippe Briand, or at least its production, the man with 12,000 boats from his drawing table, the vast majority (Sail) is produced by the Bénéteau group (Bénéteau, Jeanneau, CNB). Philippe Briand’s work is concerned with sailing, marked by a pleasing eclecticism, since the architect has designed racing yachts of all styles and sizes 7 m to 42 m), the largest racing monohull Mari aumonde -Cha IV (42 m). Philippe Briand has signed super sailing cruising yachts that are among the largest and most elegant like Vertigo, a 67 m ketch launched in New Zealand in 2011, or P2, a Perini Navi 38m. The architect is also connected with Bordeaux CNB shipyard, for which he designed six models from 18 m to 27.50 m. Sailing megayachts will always remain the passion of Philippe Briand (ketch 70 m is under construction at Perini Navi in Italy), but another interest for super motor yachts has widened the scope of his activities. Now based in London, the architect is divided between two structures:

Philippe Briand Design is for sailing and Vitruvius is for motor yachts But it is realistic: “The big yachts are our window, but most of our activity is the production boats, mainly for the Bénéteau group, we have 30 models underway. We were the first architects to production boats. “The shift to the yachts are carried out in 1995 with Mari-Cha III, a sailing yacht of 44.70 m. It was followed by a steady climb to large yachts. Drawing and definition of a sailboat requires much further study on forms dcarènes, fluid mechanics, appendages, a permanent shift towards performance and always improved behavior, and stimulated by competition. Enlargement to the motoryacht is obvious to Philippe Briand, who explains: “What can we translate all these sailboats on studies to the engine? For wet and the water lines, but working the proportions, flowing lines. “

His first project won the accession of rigorous Lurrsen German yard, but it was in 2007 that the first customer approached Philippe Briand for a motor yacht. The yacht that takes the name of Exuma puts into practice all the ideas of the architect. This 50m, built in Perini Navi Viareggio, in Italy, was launched in 2010. It was an instant success and graced the cover of the world’s press. Philippe Briand, Exuma is renowned for it’s bow and fine, harmonious proportions . The boat went around the world and has accumulated more than 75,000 miles in navigation, without major problems. Vitruvius The machine was launched and in 2011, Gallileo G, a 55 m, was launched.

It was to be followed in 2013 by the beautiful Grace E, a 73 m, with the same beautiful refit of an old ship. Follwed by 71 m , Enigma. The result will be just as exciting as the two boats are ongoing: a 80 m Turquoise shipyard in Turkey, and 60 m at the Dutch builder Feadship De Vries. A 105 m with Oceanco is also under consideration. Philippe Briand s also working on a boat trip draft motor between 20 m and 25 m. “Currently, there are not many offers for motor boat travel in these sizes , he said. They are all quite similar, and I think there is room for a more civilized boat trip that that exists, a trawler modern version but sexier than a trawler . “A batea Philippe Briand would like to see built a french site.