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We work with clients looking for exceptional design. We want to create modern masterpieces with three core principles: proportion, owner and guest experience, and performance. The mission starts with a preliminary study and ends wit a bidding package circulated to potential builders. Once the construction starts we work with the yards and provide all plans and detailed drawings to guarantee the design and the style are well executed.


During the early stages of your custom yacht design, we will spend considerable time with you to fully understand your needs and desires, and your wish list of features and functions. Philippe will discuss how you want to live onboard, how you want to move around the yacht, what your family members need and how you interact. This allows us to share the same passion and guarantee the optimal design.


The team begin the design with the definition of the hull, which is then followed by the superstructure. Our team uses 3D programs, computational fluid dynamics and velocity prediction programs, as well as extensive wind tunnel and tank testing, to verify or improve the designs. From this point, we will be ready to present yards with technical specifications and drawings in order for them to make their proposals for construction.

Philippe Briand unveils Yacht design